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new 1.5

As many people know the new 1.5 patch has brought many people to be mad at TFC. Personally the new patch has some good pros and some bad cons. There are some things you may need to edit your halflife files to make your TFC run a bit better.

As you know people have decals you can spray in the game by pushing "T." But one thing is that everyone must download the new logo. That's what that little status bar at the bottom of the screen does. When a new player enters the server everyone has to pause and wait for the decal to download. Avoid this by setting the following commands in your half life config.cfg to 0:

cl_download_ingame "0"
cl_allowdownload "0"
cl_allowupload "0"

This should help speed up your TFC connection and good luck.
Current Members

Thug Ass Killa

Current News: Updated Friday, June 4th

We are not racist. We consider ourselves "rebels" because we rebel against the rules. We're not rednecks. The rebel flags are up because they stand for rebels - no racism. If you are offended - don't e-mail me. Got up a new toolbar. Got the pictures working and added some new logos. We're in the major process of recruiting. No one has seemed to join, if you joined and we didn't get it - please e-mail me at We plan on being a TF2 clan and we really plan on all our members to upgrade to 1.5. If your a member and would like a CD with 1.5 sent to you e-mail us.


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